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The Greatest of All Lost Arts

Do you know how hard it is to start a band?

First, you have to meet people with similar music taste as you. No wait, maybe that’s second. Because first you need to meet people who actually know how to play instruments. Yeah that is very very key, I simply cannot stress that enough. Okay so you meet people and they’re like “oh yeah I like hardcore, or metal, or gangnam style” whatever, and then you have to make sure everyone has time to meet up and practice a significant amount of time during the week. And this is where it gets tricky cause some people have school or other people have work, maybe some have a girlfriend. All three of those things are respectable, but then you have to make sure that they will make time for this band that you’re trying to make. In my experiences people will find something else to do, and that is such a shame because I’ve met some really talented people too. I get it we’re all busy, but if you really want this then you’ll make the time to do it. Have I mentioned how hard it is to find a bass player? I guess its not cool enough or something cause that’s probably the hardest member to find. Also, people need to have money for gear and have their own instruments, I mean how else would a band work right? You can’t really go on living your life just playing skin flute. Perhaps I haven’t tried hard enough I don’t know what it is, but it sure would be nice to someday be able to play music with people that have similar music taste and be able to write songs and play them. It would be great to just play shows for the sake of loving music and being happy to share what you’ve created with other people. Some may hate it, others may love it but that’s a part of the gig so its cool. I just hope one day that can actually happen, if not then I guess there’s always X Factor.

Dance Gavin Dance show

I guess I was too busy to type this up earlier this weekend but I can’t go without saying that Dance Gavin Dance’s show at The Glasshouse on Friday was nothing short of amazing! haha. I really didn’t know what to expect since Jonny Craig wouldn’t be on vocals but knowing that Matt Geise(Lower Definition) would be filling in made me pretty excited, and he did not disappoint. Long story short, the show itself was ridiculous, A Lot Like Birds left my jaw hanging on the floor and DGD was impeccable. They brought Matt and Kurt Travis on stage to sing songs from all 4 full-length albums, I lost my mind haha. I was lucky enough to meet Matt Geise after the show, he’s such a chill dude. We talked for a bit and I asked him if Lower D was done for good or if they’d ever come back, he told me they were taking a break from touring for a while but that they will definitely be coming back one day. That statement alone made my entire night haha, overall one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

Going to The Glasshouse tonight

Gonna see Dance Gavin Dance! Matt Geise will be singing Jonny Craig’s parts from Downtown Battle Mountain parts 1&2, and Kurt Travis will be doing vocals on songs from Deathstar and Happiness. Tonight will be epic! 

Plot Twist:

During Dance Gavin Dance’s upcoming tour Matt Geise will surprise everyone and announce the return of Lower Definition.